Welcome to the  ANIWARSMMO Forums. Here, we will be posting updates on the game.

Our first anime world we will be adding is Attack On Titan. We will begin work on the game sometime this fall, and it should be out some months after that.

Character Sprites and Animation-Dylan C.
Code and Background Art-Dylan C.
Colors and Design-Joshua G.
Project Director-Matthew A.

We are a group of 8 kids that aim to entertain. We will be slipping some easter eggs into the game, so get ready for that too!

The list of anime worlds we will be making(That we have planned):
Attack on Titan
Sword Art Online
Deadman Wonderland
UPDATE: Christian has told me that the sprites have been scrapped, he is now taking inspiration from the classic 2-D Legend Of Zelda games because there would have been a problem with the player sprites and the titan sprites, the player sprites would have come out large.